Gulls at sunrise over Sequim Bay

A Note From Dow

Greetings, and welcome to my photo gallery.

If you arrived at this web site by clicking a link on my bird photography web site, then you probably already know that mostly I take pictures of birds. Horse photography is a very recent, but growing, interest for me.

Photographing birds and photographing horses are very different activities, and not only due to the size differential. Usually I photograph birds alone. Having company kind of gets in the way, even if my companion is also a shutterbug. But I've had great fun photographing horses with a friend, each of us with a different lens so we can capture wide angle and telephoto shots at the same time. Horses move so fast that no matter which lens you use, the horses quickly get too close or too far away.

With bird photography, I go out not knowing what I will see, if anything at all, and may cover a lot of ground or stand in the same spot for an hour or two waiting for birds to show up. With horse photography, I know exactly which horses I'll see, what their names are, where they live, and who their owners are. Humans control the environment, the mix of horses that are in the field at the same time, and may even interact with the horses during the photo shoot, thus becoming subjects for the camera lens themselves. So horse photography is far from the solitary experience I have when I photograph birds. In addition, most birds lack any significant curiosity about me and the camera (seagulls may be an exception), but many horses are curious about their environment, and often approach to investigate. There is seldom any difficulty getting close-up pictures of horses,

This web site shares the same basic design as my bird photography web site. On the home page, which you can always get to by clicking my picture in the upper left corner of any page, there is one picture for each horse or pair of horses in the photo gallery. Click any picture to go to a page of pictures for that horse. You can also just click one of the menus on the left side of the screen to go to any page. When you get to the horse-specific page, click any picture to see a larger image in another window.

My screen resolution is 1280x1024, so the entire web site displays on less than my full screen. The site displays on a 1024x768 screen in full width without scrolling, but is just a bit too high to display the bottom row of pictures without scrolling down. Well, I'd like to accommodate everybody, but I please myself first. At least all the enlargements should fit on 1024x768 without scrolling.

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